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P10SHL ioProx Clone, Clamshell, 50-Pack

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     XSF Clone Card

    CLAMXSF50 XSF 26 bit Format Clamshell Credentials, 50-Pack

    These cards are fully functional with the ioProx XSF Kantech family of products.

    Will work with Kantech ioProx readers just like the P10SHL or the P40FOB.

    These cards are clones of the 1st generation of XSF (01) XX:XXXXX allowing continued use of your original Entrapass software without having to upgrade. 

    Many systems are plagued with limited use requiring software upgrades to accommodate the latest release of OEM Kantech cards and credentials. These cards can be used on all Entrapass systems though the objective is to offer a card that can still be enrolled on older software allowing for continued use or small volume users not having to upgrade their sites.

    • Superior quality, cost effective
    • Comparable to leading brand name cards
    • Vertical Slot Punch

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