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Shipping Policy

 Orders received before 11:45 am will usually ship same day if stock is available.Any item not in stock will ship next day where possible. Any delays to this will be notified to the purchase. If orders cannot be fulfilled within 5 days, we will offer to cancel the order and refund the purchase in full.

Parcels ship by the selected carrier at the checkout, we hold the option to select an alternate carrier with the same of better delivery service as some markets/region are better served by specific carriers.

Tracking numbers will be forwarded to the provided emails or SMS number provided if a tracking service was selected. If no tracking was selected at the checkout we will provide the carrier information if this was changed from the checkout process.


All shipments are made FOB Origin unless otherwise specified. Title to products and risk of loss pass to Buyer upon shipment from Seller’s warehouse. Buyer agrees to purchase any and all insurance it deems necessary to indemnify it against any loss in shipping. Buyer will determine any export license requirements, obtain any export license or other official authorization, and carry out any customs formalities for the export of goods. Buyer assumes all risk of loss in shipping and all liability for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, due to delays once the products have been delivered to the carrier. Buyer will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances of any governmental authority in any country having proper jurisdiction, including, without limitation, those laws of Canada or other countries that regulate the import or export of the goods provided by Seller and shall obtain all necessary import/export licenses in connection with any subsequent import, export, re-export, transfer, and use of all goods, technology and software purchases, licensed and received from Seller. Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, Buyer agrees that it will not use the goods in connection with any activity involving nuclear fission or fusion, any use or handling of any nuclear material, or any nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.


Seller shall not be responsible for loss, damage, delay or failure with respect to the products if due to or arising from shortage of raw materials, fires, labor troubles of any kind, accidents, breakdown of machinery, government acts of any kind, failure of manufacturers, subcontractors or suppliers to deliver materials or supplies or to provide services as agreed or contemplated by past dealings, transportation difficulties of any kind, acts of God, acts of Buyer or anything reasonably beyond Seller's control, whether or not presently occurring or contemplated by either party. Seller shall not be liable for damages, general, consequential or otherwise, or for failure to give notice of any delay until it shall have such additional time within which to deliver the products as may be reasonably necessary under the circumstances and shall have the right to apportion its inventory among its customers in such a manner as it considers acceptable. Seller shall also have the right to deliver the products in installments. Seller may terminate or suspend an order if there is a material breach by Buyer and Buyer fails to begin a cure within 10 calendar days after receipt of written notice.