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CCTV Application and Equipment

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Camera Surveillance

The applications for CCTV systems are constantly expanding. Security cameras can be integrated with access control functions to automatically focus on a specific door as it is activated by an access control reader or alarm input. The Digital Video Recorder has replaced the older Time Lapse VCR technology with features like Motion Detection, adjustable frames per second, recording on schedules. The Digital Video Recorder DVR has replaced the conventional recording multiplexer and quad spliter. The cost of a DVR is somewhat more than a Time Lapse VCR but the savings are apparent in saving on additional hardware requirements, ie No spliter required, no multiplexer required, no video motion detector required and best of all no TAPES required.

Camera (CCTV) specialty systems may include automatic video guard tours with multiple pre-set positions, large security consoles for monitoring activity, or very simple two camera systems for monitoring entrances. Additionally, facility managers are using CCTV to monitor manufacturing and production processes, as well as for management, training, life safety and other related usage.

Regardless of the application, it is important that the camera components meet the application requirements. CCTV equipment is generally selected on the basis of lines of resolution (the ability to see detail), low light capability, lens requirements, and price.

Ashton Security staff of  technicians brings considerable experience and expertise to designing and installing sophisticated systems with multiple cameras, large guard station consoles, computer-controlled high-speed pan-tilt-zoom camera systems, time lapse recording, and specialty cameras for low light or covert applications. Ashton Security's engineers are proficient system integrators, capable of integrating CCTV with Access Control and Video Badging into a single seamless system. 

We sell and service most brands, Pelco, American Dynamics, Everfocus, Samsung, National, Capture to name a few.