Gym Security

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Gym Security and Gym Access are typically handled through card readers and card access badges of some sort.  A card badge might be a key fob or it could be a credit card sized access card to get into the facility.

Gym's and Fitness Centers like 24 hour (twenty four hour) access for their customers and using key fobs and access badges for Gyms and Gymnasiums let's their customers work out anytime of the day or night that they wish.  These badges work around the clock and all access time of day to allow clients to enter the front of the facility and any additional areas that have been identified for extra security.

Fitness Centers and facility access for after hours or non staffed hours is a time and money saver for the company.  Allowing lower overhead while still giving high level customer service.  It instills confidence that the security is in place, and that they, the customers or gym members, are safe.


24 hour fitness facilities are gaining popularity due to the individual work/life scenarios of many patrons or members and can be an added bonus when signing new members to a gym or exercise facility.  Gyms and Gymnasiums and Exercise or workout locations are the perfect place to position not just access cards and card readers but also security cameras and back up units for monitoring the security and access of the building.