Nursing Home and Day Care Security

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Controlled access for DayCare or Day Care facilities and their clients is of utmost importance.  The security of children in day care comes in two forms, one in making sure that only the right people have access to enter and two in making sure that the wrong people don't have the ability to leave.  In a day care that takes care of children and kids, you do not want them to have the ability to open a door and leave at any time.  Also when it comes to dropping off or picking up or entering the facility in any way during the day, security is required to insure that only the right and legitimate people have the ability to enter.

Staff Access and parental access can be controlled with card readers and security card settings.  These can be in stages designed to allow access to only certain areas of the building or the entire facility.  Day Care security is a high priority as it involves the protection of children.  Kids should be kept safe at all times.  Controlled access and security card access for Day Cares can limit the amount of exposure children have to potential threats.  Secure access for staff ensures the free movement of staff around the facility.  

In the same way that Day Cares are protected, Nursing homes and senior centres are also great locations for this type of security.