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Who sells Access Control Cards and ID Badges in Canada

Canadian and American Business owners Access control Needs

Proximity Access Cards

Access control system with keyless door entry in your facilities is a major part of protecting your Canadian and United States business's. In addition to regulating access to your building, you may also need to restrict entry to certain inside areas. Higher security needs such as file rooms, server rooms, inventory storage areas, etc. are addressed. We provide quick and prompt delivery to all Canadian provinces typically within 3 business days. Ontario and Quebec customers usually receive there credentials in 2 business days.

The Vancouver British Columbia has had a significant growth in businesses purchasing and using remote entry and access system in 2019. the influx of new development and Chinese investment has made the 

You could give employees different keys to different rooms and then be forced to change door hardware and keys with employee turnover. This can be cumbersome, costly, and not very effective. You can eliminate these hassles by selecting Ashton Security to provide you with access control cards and Fob's along with proximity card readers, such as Kantech, Honeywell or CDVI Access Control Systems. These enable you to control and restrict access to specific areas/doors, to certain employees, certain times of the day or specific days of the month. It is your choice. Control entry access to your whole building or just one door… with the stroke of a computer key.


HID Global provides the industry’s broadest array of card products and technologies ranging from basic single technology cards, to multi-technology and contact chip-based cards, to non-technology cards with visual security features. With over 200 million credentials in use around the world, HID is the market leader in contactless cards for access control.  Requirements for convenience, data security, economy, performance and/or identification help determine the best card solution for the customer. HID’s affordable and durable cards come standard with guaranteed compatibility with HID reader lines, available in application-specific composition materials and form factors including fobs and tags.

Ashton security customers know that when they buy HID cards from us they are receiving genuine HID products  with absolute confidence.

Whether you are searching for cards to open doors, log onto computer networks, automatically collect transportation fares, use in cashless payment collections, Ashton Security can provide the credentials you require.

Ashton Security Inc. sells the full line of HID products including HID multitechnology iClass 13.56 Mhz cards.