P10SHL Kantech Ioprox Access Cards - Clamshell Type

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P10SHL  Kantech IoProx proximity card (standard), XSF/26-bit Wiegand (Quantity 25).

Kantech P10 XSF/26-Bit Wiegand Format.
For use with strap and clip. Strong, flexible and resistant to cracking and breaking.

The P10, P20, P30 and P40 and P50 are the same ioProx family and will work on the same readers

The Kantech Readers are predominently used with the Kantech Entrapass System with KT-100, KT-200, KT-300 and KT-400 access control panels. They are also found on other vendors access control systems like Software House, Northern Computers, Keri System, Centaur and Paradox just to name a few. The Kantech ioprox series products has a possibility of multi platform uses.

Mostly found on the Kantech Entrapass "Special Edition" platforms along with the Kantech Corporate and Kantech Global editions

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