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December - Inventory Crisis

Posted by Marc Levesque on

To many the last 6~10 month have been nothing short of a crisis management nightmare on how to source replacement hardware and credentials.

It is unfortunate to say, the problems are still present and not likely to change in the foreseeable future. Manufacturing groups are still struggling with supply chain issues from and within  the Asian markets. Many key players are ramping up domestic production or seeking other sourcing for their manufacturing, though these efforts are taking place it will be many months before we see an easement in the inventory shortfalls.

What does this mean in the short term, diminished inventory equate to increase demands and subsequently and increase in price. Forecasting and planning projects now demand a serious look at supply chains and supply of readily available hardware, a challenge indeed! 
Ashton Security Inc. is continually sourcing products from different manufacturers to meet our clients needs with Keycards, Fobs and other credentials necessary to maintain and operate their facilities.
Those looking for the latest technologies from HID in the way of Multiclass "HID-40 series" readers stocks are depleted with an industry consensus that these and many other readers will be not be available till March/April 2023.
The Kantech family of products are also strained, the P10SHL and P20Dye and P40Key credentials re-supply chain is anticipated for late February/2023.
The industry will need to sustain itself with existing stocks within in dealer network. 
If you are planning for growth and expansion or just looking for cards and fobs be sure to plan your purchases.

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