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Industries and use of ID Access Control Cards and Credentials

Posted by Marc Levesque on

Security access ID cards are now used in a surprising number of industries, including emergency services, government positions, hospital workers, and even military service. As more industries and agencies are becoming aware of the security benefits of PVC ID cards and credentials, the number of organizations that use them is only increasing. In fact, the benefits are so great that in many industries, security ID cards are becoming mandatory.


When you manage a company whose employees require security ID card to gain clearance to their place of work, your best option is to purchase a complete security ID printing solution. Professional grade security ID printers can produce a large number of security ID cards at an extremely fast rate, so they can prove a useful and cost-effective investment for companies that regularly require new security ID cards. This makes owning a printer a much better solution that contracting an outside company to manufacture your cards.

Here are just three examples of different industries that regularly require security ID cards:

  1. Dockyard and Port Workers 

Anyone working at a shipping port as a dockworker or customs agent will always require a security ID card to gain access to the sensitive areas that they work on a day-to-day basis. Due to the valuable nature of the goods that continually enter and exit a shipping port, along with the high potential for theft, it’s important that every agent and worker be monitored using a security ID card system. Personnel and equipment monitoring is one of the most useful security features of a security ID card system. 

  1. Construction Sites

Construction sites are prone to theft and vandalism. One of the best ways to prevent the loss of valuable resources, while protecting the people who work on the construction site is to ensure that every worker is issued a security ID card. 

Construction sites are often easy prey to unauthorized access, allowing anyone to pose as a worker in order to damage valuable goods or equipment with dire consequences. Instilling site access control measures so that no one is able to access a construction site without a company issued security ID card, trespassing and vandalism decrease dramatically. 

  1. Casino Security 

While casinos might seem to be place where chance is for the people who visit them to play with cards and slot machines, those employed there know that inside every casino there’s more than meets the eye. Any location that involves the processing of high volumes of money is bound to attract criminal activity and that’s why casinos require security presence at all times. 

Casino security ID cards keep track of every member of a large security team to ensure that no criminal is able to pose as a guard to gain access to sensitive areas. With a security ID card printer, casinos can also issue temporary ID cards to contractors or any other guests who are granted access for limited periods. 

These represent only a few of the many types of jobs that enjoy increased security by using ID cards. Check with Ashton Security for your security ID cards and credentials. Be sure to check out the many options and flavors of access ID card and Fob's that are available and most applicable to your industry..

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