Ashton Security Inc. "Covid19" What we are doing!

Posted by Marc Levesque on

Industry and businesses are under an unparalleled amount of stress and hardship and will continue to be in upcoming weeks and months. We know access to critical business equipment and personnel and inventory tracking are becoming paramount with closures with limited access to work and business locations.

Ashton Security has and are taking the effort to maintain our stock of common Access Control Fob's Cards and other credentials in order to meet these demands.

As part of our efforts in this global crisis we have not raised our pricing though our cost of goods have increased. Furthermore we are extending a discount towards shipping cost as long as we can maintain access to the various delivery services that are available to us.

We are operating with minimal staff but are confident that we can maintain our timelines and best delivery responses.

Our thoughts are with our clients and customers and hopes we can help with a seamless transition back to normalcy.


Marc Levesque CET

Ashton Security Inc.

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