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Why we need added security mesures for our institutions.

Posted by Marc Levesque on

We read in the news every day wherein a public venue gets victimized either by vandalism or by lunatic set on inflicting the maximum damage to civilians. 

I think institutions will need to review their responsibility as it pertains to assuring that their venues are safe and free of the possibility of physical harm.

In the news is the New Zealand's tragedies in Christchurch - Mass Shooting Kills 49.  See the link to the CNN news reporting Here


We all seem to be tempered to this type of even but daily the rampage seems to increase and apathy in our ability to address these. 

The cost of securing these type venues should be a serious consideration. It is deplorable that these events affect us on a social level and more frightening if you know someone that has been directly impacted by this event. 

Securing our venues is and must be part of our though process.

To our friends in New Zealand and specifically in the city of Christchurch we extend our thoughts and prayers to you.



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