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Posted by Marc Levesque on

It has been quite the study here at Ashton Security Inc. to integrate some of our products and shopping cart onto the Facebook platform. Already we are seeing increased traffic to our product pages. The IoPox product line seems to be of great interest to many visitors. We look forward to improving the sites functionality and user experience. If you see an area where you think we might be able to improve please inform us by clicking Here.

We look forward to our March roll out with discounts and promo codes on our top sellers like the Kantech P10SHL and the printable P20DYE card and the always popular P40Key. Be sure to look over this product line in the next few weeks to see the promotional roll out.

Kantech Ioprox Readers                                        Kantech Ioprox Csards and Credentials

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  • The Facebook link looks great….sure it will bring in traffic

    Sylvie F Levesque on
  • To keep you all up to speed. The Roll Out seems to be coming along smoothly. I won’t say it has been without some internal stresses here…that is not the case. Merging our Home Page and the Store Front has been an effort to put it mildly Some of our challenges have been trying to re-establish our google ranking as it has all but disappeared after our migration to a new ISP and Hosting Agent. .

    Marc Levesque on

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