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Critical shortages of Kantech and CDVI cards and Fobs

Posted by Marc Levesque on

As many have come to realize inventories for both Kantech and CDVI have become strained and in some cases depleted. Kantech has indicated that mid-december is the anticipated delivery date for the P10SHL cards and P20Dye cards. They are also experiencing a shortfall in some of there basic access panels along with card readers. Those looking to source an alternate credential can seek our inventories of P40Key and P20Dye that remain. A further backlog is anticipated for the P82WLS and P84WLS wireless fob due to chip manufacturing plant shutdowns and re-tooling.

This supply chain issue has affected many other manufacturers maybe to a lesser degree which we have not seen the immediate impact of but it is forecasted that the CDVI and Paradox product lines will soon show product shortfalls

Hid Corporation one of the worlds largest access card and credential manufacturers has indicated that there order fulfillment is anywhere from 12-20 weeks, not a comforting though for those prepping to re-open there plants and facilities. There are still pockets of inventory to be had in the near term but do anticipate lengthy delays. Ashton Security Inc is aggressively sourcing remaining stocks of products to meet our clients needs. As all things, these commodities are finite and displaying a fair amount of volatility in availability and pricing we are doing our best to keep products on our shelves and at competitive prices.
We urge you to plan ahead for any system or site expansion as any near term requirements may be impacted by product availability.

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