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Product Update Summer 2023 Back to Work

Posted by Marc Levesque on

The spring of 2023 has been eventful in that the industry suffered numerous recalls on products manufactured in Asia. Many of these issues would appear to be with a shift in manufacturing plants due to COVID-19 shutdowns and quality control. Many of the challenges manufacturers experienced where/are lengthy delays in product acquisition and poor quality control.

As an example the Kantech P84/P82-WLS

wireless products showed an increase fail rate which took some time to correct via a product recall leaving little to no inventory, this is still a challenge as stocks are still in low supply causing a backlog on some orders.

The Paradox/Centaur/CDVI series of FOB's 

have also suffered some availability restrictions and bottleneck on availability necessitating strategies of direct purchasing.

 B-Tag, K-Tag, C704, C705 


Ashton Security Inc. has partnered up with several manufacturers to limit exposures to aftermarket and refurbished products that have started appearing in some distribution channels and on-line market space.

All our products are OEM unless specified in the product listings as clones or equivalent substitute. Know what your buying!



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  • Wondering if I can get your reference for the Kantech P84/P82-WLS recall as I just spoke with Kantech Tech support and they state there is no recall? They did state they are aware of a battery issue with the devices but have not put out a recall on them as of yet.

    Paul Hoskins on

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